Does netlify DNS allow primary domain at another host, while all subdomains on netlify

I don’t want to get too far down the path of a current project- only to find this isn’t supported.

DNS with netlify.

Primary domain pointing at a non-netlify server with an A record.

Multiple subdomains on netlify.

Any particular issues I might run in to? Like provisioning SSL on the netlify subdomains?


hi scottkg,

to the best of my knowledge this is possible, but we would not be able to provide the SSL cert for the subdomain if we are not the DNS for the apex domain.

The apex would be on netlify DNS.

The apex site itself (wordpress) would be hosted elsewhere (hence the A record). The subdomains will be for several static landing pages on netlify.

Hi @scottkg,

As long as the subdomain is not www (which is a special subdomain that is typically synonymous to the apex), then there shouldn’t be any issues with providing a certificate only for those subdomains hosted on Netlify. And, of course, we won’t be able to provide any certificates for any sites not hosted on Netlify.