SSL included on subdomains other than www?

I set up a subdomain that points to a DigitalOcean droplet where my Mautic instance will live (

I assumed that since I had SSL attached to my primary domain ( and the www subdomain that it would carry over to this subdomain but according to SSL Shopper (, there is no SSL certificate associated with the subdomain.

Do I need to get a separate, independent SSL certificate for this one subdomain?


So the next person who finds this question knows, the answer was that Netlify can only supply certificates for sites we host. Our DNS is happy to point to your other hosting providers like Digital Ocean, but you’ll need to provision your own certificate there even if our certificate covers your hostname there - it’s only in use on Netlify. Fortunately you are allowed to have a certificate on Netlify for * and still get another one for elsewhere :slight_smile: