SSL certification on subdomain

Hi Support Team,

I have a domain named and now I have configured sub domain i.e. and need to have SSL certificate on it also.
Please help me on this issue.

Hi, @ash22, in order for us to issue the SSL certificate, the DNS record for that domain must point to the Netlify site and the domain must be added to the site settings in Netlify.

I don’t show that domain added to any sites at Netlify (under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > Custom domains).

I also don’t show the DNS for that domain pointing to Netlify:

$ dig +noall +answer

; <<>> DiG 9.10.6 <<>> +noall +answer
;; global options: +cmd 600 IN	A

This domain is pointing to the IP address which is not an IP address Netlify controls.

The instructions for DNS records hosted outside of Netlify (third-party DNS) can be found here:

Would you please add the domain to the site settings and configure the DNS according to those instructions above? Once that is done, it should be possible to provision the automatic SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt using our web app (with the “Renew certificate” button on the same page as the site custom domain settings).

If that doesn’t resolve the issue or if there are other questions about this, please reply again anytime.

Hi Luke,

Thanks for your help.
I am little bit confused about the things like the domain is from different domain provider but the DNS is managed by you and it’s absolutely working fine but as I am using different technology to work on backend so I have created a subdomain on that server i.e. and made a A record entry on your DNS panel pointing to that server IP address and that also works fine but SSL not applied to that and it’s because of reason you mentioned on previous message so in that case I made a CNAME entry that is pointing to your default sub domain i.e. If everything is setup correctly then in that case when I hit your sub domain it should point to my sub domain and it should open my sub domain website but that’s not happening, it is still pointing to primary domain.
I am really confused about the things.
Please guide me to correct path.


Hi Ash,

You’ll need to get your own SSL certificate for that domain. We only provide certificates for domains whose websites we host, and by setting the A record to point to another service, you’d need to get the certificate in place at that service. In case they don’t provide SSL certificates for you like we do, you’d need to get your own - perhaps a free one from lets encrypt such as we use: - or you could purchase one from a vendor (which generally last longer than the 90 day lets encrypt certificates that you need to update once per quarter).

We can’t really advise on what vendor to choose or how to set it up there, but hopefully that service’s tech support team can advise :slight_smile:

Hi, I am cannot get the certificate to a site with a subdomain.
In the troubleshooting page I have run the commands:

curl -s -v 2>&1 | grep Server

So the site is indeed served by Netlify, but I cannot get the ssl certificate. This is the error message: doesn't appear to be served by Netlify

Is there a problem on the certificate because I am using the subdomain: ?

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Hey @aeciolevy,
I just took a look and it seems like you were ultimately able to get an SSL certificate. Please let us know if that’s not the case!