Do separate docs apply for open source licenses?

I want to apply for the Open Source plan of Netlify, but have some questions about it.
First of all would I want to know, if my project even applies for open source. I use netlify to make preview-builds of Pull requests towards the Doc-repository I host on GitHub.
This repository contains the documentation for the APIs I provide and also a wiki for the bot I create. I keep it separate to have a more easy way for contributors to provide their Pull requests, while keeping the APIs and the bot in their own respective repository.

So, does this still count towards the Open source requirements of Netlify when the repo I submit is essentially just the documentation?

Next question: On the submit form is this part: “A link to our service on your main page”
Does this mean I have to put the link of the deploy-page (in my case there or what link is exactly required to provide?

hi Andre, thanks for checking in.

You can read everything you need to know about our open source policy here:

it sounds like your project may qualify - we do have other sites that host docs. That said, if you are not working with contributors, as in, you are the only one managing and approving PRs, you may able to just stay on a starter tier plan - is that something you have considered? What benefit do you see in being on an open source plan (not questioning your approach, just wanting to understand the context a bit better so i can recommend the appropriate thing)

Sorry for the late answer. I didn’t receive any notification/Mail for this.
Yes, I am currently the only person contributing towards the repo containing the files, but it’s meant to accept future contributions from other people.
The only thing I fear most with my current plan (free) is that I could hit the limits on it within the month when I would do a lot of commits/PRs towards the project.

Also, I would like to know an answer to the other question I asked in my post which was about what “A link to our service on your main page” means in the form.

You can use one of the premade badges or create your own link, which should read “This site is powered by Netlify”, and include a link back to the Netlify home page,

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