Licensing of Netlify documentation, etc

At the bottom of Netlify Docs is “Netlify, Inc. © 2022”. Is the documentation, and/or the code snippets within, held under a proprietary license, MIT, ISC, Public Domain, or other license? (I see most, if not all, Netlify’s public GitHub repositories are MIT.)

I have used snippets of code from the documentation (such as this one) in working demonstrations (such as this one which was to help answer this question) and have used the code from this blog in this repository (again as part learning tool for myself and demonstration to answer a question on the forum.)

I create these repositories as demonstrations with the (generally unwritten) intent that anyone is permitted to use them in their own projects they are deploying to Netlify—effectively placing them in the Public Domain.

Does the licensing of the Netlify’s documentation and blog posts permit this? If the documentation/blog and code snippets therein are MIT, does that mean I need to retain the MIT license for the entire repository? Can I use Unlicense (as I would prefer) on the repository as a whole, or can I only use it on that I have written myself while the sample code from Netlify’s documentation/blog needs to retain the license it is released under? (Needing clarification on what that license is as per opening.)

I (generally) add references to source (e.g. link to documentation/blog) in the source (and where I have not I am retrospectively doing so) as I do not wish to claim something I did not write as my own. Part of this is also including the appropriate license field in the package.json and'/'LICENSE file(s) and so wish to ensure whatever I add is appropriate.

(I would much prefer a world without licensing. Period. But it seems the world has progressed to the point where licensing is required for everything to protect the author, user, and everyone else from any potential legal issues.)