Delete DNS-zone from old account (solved)

Issue: or one of the subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team.


Netlify App:
Domain Name: - Formerly managed by DigitalOcean but trying Netlify to give a try, seems like when I purchased this in 2022 it was previously deployed here or managed?

Is it possible to get help to delete the old setup? Can’t remember using it on any work-account on Netlify or any other account (that i probably don’t have access to).

I’'ve added the TXT record as suggested here for verification.

Site ID: b9683b4e-adb5-4e5d-bf6f-20f8607464e5

You’ll need to verify you have control of the domain

How can I get in contact with Netlify support on this platform?

Hi :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out. I’m not seeing a txt record set for this domain.

~ % host -t txt   
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Can you please have another look at the support guide below.

Hi Sam,

I did read the Support Guide and didn’t know that you have to put your domain in the txt-record aswell (slightly confusing guide), this has been done now :slight_smile:

Hi, the domain is still missing the TXT record for the value can you just put 111505?

Hi @SamO ,
Is this sufficient?

You have added as the record name instead of verified-for-netlify @MadsFrost

$ host -t txt descriptive text "111505"
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So do I write the hostname to verified-for-netlify and the value as

I now have these TXT Records:

Host Value
verified-for-netlify 111505
@ 111505

For most registrars, when entering the record name there is no need to append the domain.

The first three TXT records in your screenshot at the domain apex (this is what at @ indicates)

$ dig TXT		2250	IN	TXT	"111505"		2250	IN	TXT	"verified-for-netlify"		2250	IN	TXT	""

The fourth is the record I previously mentioned where you have set the name as `

With any of these records if you changed the current name to verified-for-netlify (only) it would show up as

Check out this Namecheap knowledge article for more on adding records

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Hi :wave:t6: @MadsFrost I have been able to verify your domain. You can now add this domain to your account.

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