Subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team

I recently deleted my old Netlify account and set up a new one. However, I’m now encountering an issue - I’m unable to add my three existing domains, which were previously linked to my old account, and I’m also unable to remove them since the old account no longer exists.

Affected domains:

I followed this tutorial, I successfully added the TXT zone.

Is it possible to unlock it?"

The value of the record is not correct. As per the support guide you linked (and I assume read) you are meant to use the URL of the thread you have created here i.e.

$ dig TXT 1002 IN TXT "help me"

It’s ok now

hello! :wave:t6: thanks for your patience @jacq78. I was able to verify your domain thanks to the TXT record you set. You can now add the custom domain to your account.

Good luck! :rocket: :partying_face: