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Danger Zone UI Issue

In the “Danger Zone”, the UI will get permanently stuck with the red Delete User button visible/actionable after clicking the button shown on initial page load. I believe that button said User Settings but can’t be sure.

See screenshot. This button is always available after that initial click, even if you log out of the site and back in.

Hey @k20940,
Thanks for this report. Do you see any errors in the console when you click that button?

Hi Jen,

Thanks for getting back to me. I don’t see any errors. I logged into Netlify in an Incognito window (Chrome macOS). Here is a screenshot:

Turns out we have an issue filed internally on this, so we’ll continue to investigate- many thanks again for the screenshots since it’s been hard for us to reliably reproduce the behavior.

If you’d be willing to share your team name (or a site in your team so we can look up your team), that would also be really helpful! We’re wondering if this could be related to team permissions.

Hi! My team name is “kyle-ridolfo”. Here is one of my sites https://app.netlify.com/sites/keen-kowalevski-cfc5e6/overview

Probably not related but I usually have these two blockers installed in Chrome. They would have been active when I first clicked that button. I’ve turned them off for Netlify now, but the button permanently appears in this state even when I use an Incognito session.

Ublock Origin https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin/cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm
Privacy Badger https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/privacy-badger/pkehgijcmpdhfbdbbnkijodmdjhbjlgp

Thanks and good luck!

Thanks, really appreciate it!