404 upon logging in

When I log into netlify, it redirects me to Netlify App, which gives me a 404 error message: “Page not found. You might not have permissions to see this page.” I was expecting to see a list of my sites. What’s wrong?

Hey @tbodt,
Very sorry to hear this :frowning: It sounds like you might be running into an issue where privacy-protecting browser extensions are blocking our new team overview page. See: Announcing Team Overview: Collaborate Easier, Develop Faster

Can you please see if disabling your browser extensions lets you access your account properly?

Yep, my adblocker was blocking Launch Darkly. Is it possible to fix the site so it’s able to load properly even if this is blocked? From a quick check of devtools, it doesn’t look like it’s requesting anything essential from Launch Darkly (the one request it makes that isn’t blocked comes back empty.)

Nice, glad to hear you’re at least able to see your account!

Launch Darkly is our feature flagging software and something we rely on for incremental rollouts of new features. The particular issue you’re hitting right now will be resolved when the team overview is no longer behind a feature flag (probably next week). Of course, that doesn’t solve the larger issue of what to do when future features are blocked for the same reason. We’re discussing that internally and I’ve added this thread to the mix :slight_smile:

@jen i’m currently facing the same issue that @tbodt faced but mine is not still coming up despite disabling your browser extensions

hi there geoffrey13,

were you previously able to log in at some point? is this a new problem? do you have the same difficulty when you try and log in via a different network (so, for example a different wifi network or your phone or similar?)

we are not showing any large-scale issues currently that would cause inaccessibility like what you are describing, so i am thinking it might be a local issue or problem with your ISP.