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Important Update: Forms Deletion Has Landed! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hello all,

while it has been a pleasure to delete each un-needed individual form for 1+ million customers per hand for the last 4 years, that era, like all good things, has come to an end.

Weโ€™ve beyond ecstatic to announce you can now, drumroll please, delete your own forms through the Netlify UI! You no longer need to flag down a support team member!

Please say a big thank you to @iamsu @rafa @asavaritayal @Kristen @tiffany @verythorough for their hard work on bringing this over the finish line!


Haha I should have added more interesting content in the screenshot! Hurray :partying_face:


Wow this is amazing. It only took your 4 years to bring a single Delete Button. Truly awesomely amazing folks. You nailed it. Much wow. So Crypto.

Hey @DrVargas -

i wanted to let you know that someone flagged your post for removal due to its tone, but I am actually not against having a constructive conversation in public if you promise to stay civil.

One of the things that makes Netlify special IS our commitment to transparency. Itโ€™s a core value we care deeply about and take pretty seriously. This means owning up to mistakes, being honest about where we havenโ€™t quite succeeded, but also championing our successes, big and small.

That value of transparency is easy to say, hard to live by, and especially so when you are an extremely fast-growing company with big ideas. But weโ€™re not really here for easy. Thatโ€™s a choice we make.

Your choice is to disparage a hard-fought win for us (the support team) and our customers in public.

Why are you making this choice?


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