Delete Unused Netlify Forms

Hey all, i have a couple of unused Netlify Forms that i had made from testing. Is there any way i can delete the unused form, and change the name of the current form in use? I cant seem to find any options for this in the back-end.

Thanks in advanced!

You did not miss anything, there is no way for you to accomplish this.

If you’re completely done with those testing forms and their data, please link us to the forms in our UI ( ) and we can remove them for you. Then you can rename your production form to whatever you want including those old names.

Hey @fool, thanks for the reply! Here are the forms i would like deleted from my site


I will get the option to rename the form in use once these are delete?

Thanks again!

Please instead follow my advice in the other thread, then we don’t have to delete the other one after you rename it :slight_smile:

In the future, please don’t ask the same question in two threads as it slows us down in providing help :wink:

My mistake, i wrote this post before finding the other thread.