Mass Delete Form Submissions?

Is there any way for me to mass delete form submissions? I realize I had received lots of spam, so I would like to clean it.

We can delete all submissions for you, if you’d like to clean out all the data you want to keep (perhaps by downloading a CSV), to “clean the slate”. There isn’t really a better way for you to mass delete the entries except one by one.

I would appreciate that - is there any particular reason that we can’t do it ourselves?

Yup! The code is not written :slight_smile: It’s not a policy decision, just a practical one. You can use the API to delete submissions one at a time if you’d like, but I sensed from your request that you were likely not looking for a pointer on how to write code to accomplish your goal. Let me know if that is wrong and I can demonstrate that instead!

But, assuming my guess was correct and you’d just like me to do it, please let me know:

  • after you have captured all form data you care about,
  • please specify EXACTLY which sites I should remove that data from

Please remove all form responses from

Hi @pacollins, done!