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"Delete All Spam" or "Select All" button on Netlify Forms

The issue is that I have to wake up to a sea of spam emails which I have to delete manually almost everyday, sometimes it takes around a full 4 hours for me to delete the spam I receive.

Please do not suggest to me Google ReCaptcha on my site for as I refuse to use this for privacy reasons and do not support Google furthering their reach on the web as I already have mentioned here

If the spam issue can’t be solved, then at least I would like to share an idea for a ‘delete all spam’ or ‘select all’ button for Netlify Forms as a workaround for both valid and spam submissions, please see the images below on how this would work:

Delete All Spam

Select All Submissions

This is a feature request as suggested on this previous form post.

Please consider this feature and thanks.

Hi @pateljoel :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out and writing such a detailed feature request. I would be more than happy to bring this to the appropriate team.

Just one question before I do: did you sign up for the forums with a different email than your Netlify account? If that is the case, can you provide your netlify team name or account slug? We associate customer requested features with accounts so that we can follow up in the future should the feature be released.

My team name is ‘joelpateljp’, thanks.

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Thanks so much for confirming! I have filed an internal feature request with the appropriate team. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us.