Spam submissions from "Eric" - please totally blacklist certain well known spam domains

Hello, my site is

I have a contact form which uses netlify forms. I have waited a long time before contacting Netlify as I thought the issue might go by itself but this has gone on long enough.

For years I get the same set of spam submissions that come in waves over the last few years. The spam is basically advertising some scam services. The problem is that its easy to not see any legitimate submissions because of the amount of spam I get.

The weird part is that the scammers make absolutely zero effort to try be clever about it as the messages always contain the string “Eric”. In fact several articles have been written about this:

Rather than users being forced to manually comb through their spam submissions in case any legit ones are in there, can Netlify simply block this domain and the IP ranges from ever being able to submit?

This is such a frustrating issue and I’m considering using a third party form service.

Hi Lloyd,

It is doubtful we’ll block traffic since any IP that is used by a spammer today will likely be used by someone’s legitimate site visitor tomorrow, so let’s help you come up with a different plan. Today we:

  • do not charge for spam submissions
  • do not notify about spam submissions

…so I am not sure why you aren’t using a notification method to get notified about just the non-spam submissions? Why do you look through the submissions shown in our UI, rather than using the notifications we provide that only tell you about non-spam submissions?

Once I understand your use case, I can hopefully come up with a way to make sure you only hear about the submissions you care about, regardless of who posts what :slight_smile:

I get the form submissions to my email. Spam notifications are not sent, and due to how many there are from this single spammer, it’s easy for legit ones to be missed. Checking the UI is the only way to ensure I see any false positives - so that’s why I use the UI.

In that case, it looks like Netlify Forms is not a good fit for you. While we can add a feature request to improve spam detection/filtering, it’s probably not going to be on the short-term road map. In that case, I think it’s better for you to use a different form service.

Yes, it seems that Netlify Forms has no interest in preventing such common and prevalent forms of spam.