Netlify form does not work if a specific email adress is put in the form

I use netlify forms. If an email adress domain put in the form is “”, the form submission does not work.

*site name:

Did the form submission end up in the spam list, maybe? You can switch to the spam list in the form submissions UI:

I mean I want to release “” domain from spam list. How can I change the spam list???

Hey Masahero0123,

If you go into the UI, you can mark these submissions as not spam.

Thank you for your comment.
I have not noticed the "Spam Submission"tab hidden behind “Verifyed Submission” tab. I solved it.
However if I want to verify any email with “” domain, how can I do it??

Hi @Masahero0123,

I see a similar question with a solution posted here:

Maybe this workaround will help you?