Form submissions from people with single email domain marked as spam


I have a site for a client ( that includes forms (used for event registration), using a honeypot field to catch baddies.
Barely getting any spam submissions, so that’s good.
However when there are submissions from people using emails ending with (people working for the city) most (not all) submissions end up in the spam folder, is there a way to set a rule this doesn’t happen. I think maybe they sometimes send internal emails asking people to sign up, and then 10 people sign up at once which makes the spam filter think it’s a bot?

hi @riencoertjens ,

glad to hear you have a working for that is generally in good shape :+1:

unfortunately we have no control over what/how akismet screens and identifies emails - it is a bit of a black box unfortunately.

One thing you could do is not use the netlify honeypot, and create some kind of your own spam filter or use a different 3rd party plugin potentially? sorry i don’t have better news unfortunately :expressionless:

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If I remove the honeypot will the akismet filter be disabled as well?
There isn’t much spam on the forms (except the one on the contact page) so disabling it could be an option as well, but as I understood it, it’s enabled by default? :thinking:

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hi there @riencoertjens - sorry for indicating that you could maybe switch off akismet. I double checked, and sadly you can’t - we have a feature request open to be able to turn off akismet but at the moment it’s not possible. so, unfortunately, your options are to manually remember to check the spam folder regularly, or, you could possibly opt out of netlify doing your form handling entirely. I don’t know much about 3rd party options for form handling, sadly, but that could be a workaround, albeit a not great one. sorry! wish i had better news for you. :confused:

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for anyone running into this issue in the future,
I’ve created a quick and dirty node script (run as netlify function) that uses the netlify forms api to get spam submissions, checks the email and marks it as not spam in case it’s a ‘clean’ email.

(it’s not taking the api rate limiting into account as I’m not expecting any issues with my site)

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