Forward Spam Submissions for forms to email

We just adjusted and tested our form and seems forms easily come into our spam submissions. ( maybe because I did the tests from the same IP always, as I read in the docs)
I am forwarding the forms to my email and need to make sure that I always receive the submitted forms asap.
Seems spam submissions are not forwarded ? How can we set this up ?

hey there, what kind of spam detection have you implemented? Just the standard akismet, or have you added a honeypot or recaptcha to the mix too?

Thanks for the follow-up.
I did not do any extra settings for the spam. Just using a contact form for my ( ) website without an extra spam filter and noticed there are 2 groups in submission: verified and spam.
I would just like to receive all the submissions, also the spam ones in my gmail, so I’m sure I’m not missing out on any client requests and don’t have to go to netlify itself a few times a day.
Can this be set up ?
THANKS SO MUCH in advance

Hi @katriendebrier unfortunately no, it cannot be automated. You’ll have to extract that information manually. We intentionally do not notify you about spammy-looking submissions.

You can help train the machines by marking as not spam the ones that aren’t spam!

OK then, thanks anyway

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