Can the form submission be marked as spam by default?

I have a scenario that I want to show only “verified” submissions on a page. And I want to manually verify them in the netfily dashboard. So I need all the submission to be spam by default.
Is it possible to do it in netlify?

Nope, that’s a setting only we can set, so our service won’t be able to handle that use case in that way. If you want to tell us more about what you’re trying to accomplish, we may have a different solution to suggest. Since you’ll probably be the only person who can see your netlify dashboard, for instance, it’s not clear what you gain by (ab)using our spam facilities to present only some submissions to yourself. If you have some audience bigger than yourself, I’d suggest using some other service to do your filtering - e.g. send all submissions to your email (using our built-in notifications:, and present them to your audience selectively.

Thanks for your reply!
My use case is as follows:

  1. Users submit their submissions
  2. I am using your submissions API to fetch verified submission in run time
  3. In simpler scenario I would want to maually verify all submissions in netlify dashboard, so only “manually verified” submissions will end up showing on my website (think moderated comments)

But the case I am trying to solve is even more advanced:

  1. User submits the form. The form uses stripe payments. (think pay to submit the form)
  2. I am using the “submission_created” webhook to run the lambda function in netlify:
    2.5. I cannot have submissions marked as SPAM by default so I have to do it in a quirky way by using webhook to automatically mark them as SPAM on “submission_created”
  3. after that, the function calls stripe API and if payment.status === succeeded, (and only in this case) - mark the submission as HAM

So as you can see I came up with a workaraound but I would love to omit point 2.5

By the way “PATCH” or “PUT” method for submissionId would be great so I would be able to modify certain submissions. If that existed, netlify would solve 100% of my needs. (Being able to modify them in dashboard would be even better :wink: )

Best Regards!

Thanks for the clear write-up! I understand now, but I still think the better way to handle is to send to another system where you can decide if qualified or not, rather than abusing our spam-filtering system to try to handle it in-app :slight_smile:

I might not use our form submission feature at all, since you already use functions - I’d just post my submission directly to the function, have it do all the needful including payment/verification, and notify your remote system(s) of the new verified submission.

I don’t think it’s likely we’ll handle this use case via our form handling functionality, since it is pretty niche and not using the system in the way intended, though you are of course welcome to keep doing so :slight_smile: So - I don’t intend to submit a feature request since that would almost certainly immediately be closed WONTFIX.

Actually I have another write-up :wink:

Not sure if it’s a bug, but the “submission_created” webhook get’s fired if you mark SPAM as HAM.
So my initial plan failed :wink:
I cannot update or flag the submissions in other way so I am posting the submissions to faunadb now.

Once again, thanks for your reply! I’m definitely having fun with netlify :smiley:

Yup, that is intended behavior. I guess you’ll want a different form handling service to handle your needs!