Random spam that doesn’t get filtered by form spam filtering

On multiple sites I have hosted on Netlify, I receive spam messages of one random word or other meaningless tidbits that appear to bypass the spam filtering. I have enabled the honeypot field on my form/s but because these messages are not verifiable ‘spam’ they don’t get caught.
You can see a live form that is having this issue here: https://djjoemygoodness.com/#booking

Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions on what to do to fix it?

Here is an example of the content of one of these emails/form submissions.

Spam is the worst! Have you considered implementing a recaptcha?

Just implemented that. Hopefully it solves the issue. Thank you!

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yeah, let us know how that goes! we hate spam as much as you do.

We have got the same problem.

We’ve implemented a recaptcha but I’m not sure that helped because every couple of days we seem to a bunch of messages come and I have to mark them all as spam.

The annoying part is that we have the new messages automatically sent to slack and it can be hard to see when a legitimate query comes through.

Oh man, that is super frustrating. You’ve verified that the recaptcha is working well? You also have a honeypot field?
There is a v3 recaptcha, but to be very honest we don’t have any official docs on implementing that, so it would be a bit of a heroes quest, but it might help. I’m sorry I don’t have better things to suggest at this time.