Increased spam rate in the submission form

Hi. Recently, on Jun 25, I started to received greatly increased form submission (just an email) on which seems to be SPAM. It increased from 1 submission per 6 months to 1+ per day. The form contains the hidden “bot-field”, but it seems to be not enough. As I use the free plan, it can quickly deplete my limit.

Is there anything else I could do to protect against that kind of submissions?

@szpak You could add the reCAPTCHA as mentioned in the documentation:

Thanks. I’m already have a honeypot field, but I see, I can change it’s name. Maybe that bot is not smart enough to detect that.

Hi, @szpak. You have the honeypot input but not reCAPTCHA. Adding reCAPTCHA as well should reduce the spam greatly.