Could you add a 'select all' button to the Form Submission control panel

I don’t visit the Form Submissions section of my Netlify control panel very often. However, I just did and I noticed that there’s no quick way to delete all the submissions. I’m particularly thinking about cleaning up the SPAM submissions…there’s submissions there going back more than a year, and there’s no need for it to be taking up storage space.

Could you either add a Select All button or maybe even a (dangerous!) Delete All button?

And whilst I’m here - big thanks for your spam filter. I had no idea how many hundreds of spammy form submissions you’ve saved me from seeing!

hey @funkydan2 - good to see you around here again.

This is a great idea and we actually already have an active issue to implement this feature. I can’t really say when we will be able to ship it, but it makes total sense to have this, and we’ll definitely follow up here when we have it in place.

And yay! for less spam! :smiley: