Could you please take my old site down?

Dear Support Team,
I created a website on Netlify almost a year ago. But then my account was suspended for understandable reasons. Now my website is still accessible ( However, I can’t delete it because my account has been locked. Could you please delete my website?

If you still need confirmation that this is really my website then please write to me.

Thank you!

If your account was suspended, there’s no way the website would be active. The website would probably be exisitng in a different account.

When my account was suspended, my website was still available under the same domain at the same time. And it is to this day. It is impossible that the website was copied.

If you have some way of verifying that this domain is yours/site I’d be happy to take it down but with out this we cannot just remove a site.

I still have the source code:

As far as I can tell:

  • the account that owns the exclusive5 site was created by someone with a different name than you
  • that account was created 6 months ago, not a year ago
  • and so that isn’t your site and we won’t be able to do anything about it based on your say-so

If the current owner of the site were to sign up for the forums under the same email that owns the site, and ask us to do this, we would potentially be able to comply.

Otherwise, you cannot request us to do anything about a site you didn’t create, except submit a DMCA takedown request if you want to go on the legal record as saying this is your content and are willing to go to court to prove it:

This is now my account with the email I used to create I created the Netlify account using my GitHub account and the same email.

Hi unfortunately the email associated with your account does not match the email for Please write in with this email g*s*a*r*e*e*@*m*i*.c*m for us to complete this request.

I think I deleted this email since my account was suspended. Is there any other method I can use to show you that this is my website?
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