My website is suspended

Hi. I deployed my netflix clone website a month ago for free on netlify. It worked so well but now when i go to the link it says website doesnt exist and my website is suspended on netlify. I uploaded screenshots below. How can i fix it? Please support

Screenshot (33)

It’s against our Terms of Use. You’re not supposed to deploy clones or any kind of copyrighted content. You can refer to: One of my sites has been suspended without any reason provided - #2 by luke

@hrishikesh Thank you for info!
So If i change the domain name , will it work then? In addition I want to delete that suspended website but i cant. How can i do it?

No! You’re not supposed to host clones! We can delete the site, but if you plan to continue host clones, we would have to disable your entire account.

How can I remove the suspended site? It’s annoying to keep on my list

hi :wave:t6: which site is this?

hello! Thanks for the quick reply.

the subdomain was “visionary-moxie-9fb6e1”, apparently I can’t give you any more information as the site is unclickable.

Before we delete that site, we would need you to confirm you’re not planning to host clones again. If you do not agree to that, sorry, Netlify is not for you and we’d have to disable your account.

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I agree. Please delete the site from my page.

Hi :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out. Is there a reason you cannot delete the site from your own account?