Coexistence of another rental server and Netlify

I am currently using netlify and have set up a custom domain. I want to configure it as follows: <-Netlify <-Another rental server <-Email service of another rental server

What should I do?
Do I need to touch A record or MX record at a domain management company?
Please tell me how.

Hi there @theNewWave, this is not an unusual setup, and you’re already on the right track. Wherever you manage the DNS for your domain, you need to make sure you have DNS records pointing towards their respective services. The MX and other records you need for e-mail will come from your e-mail service provider, and your netlify DNS records are also shown on the domain dashboard for your Netlify site when you add the domain. It’s a similar situation for your rental server, you’ll have to setup those records to point to it that you need. If you need help configuring your DNS for Netlify then please tell us the domain and the Netlify site. Note also that there’s more information about DNS with Netlify available in our documentation.