Seeking support in setting up DNS records


I just transferred my domain’s nameservers and the DNS records I needed to keep (my email records for my email provider) over to Netlify. It seems that the next step, according to the popup that appears when I click the “Check DNS configuration” link in the Domain Management panel of my Netlify dashboard, is to “contact support for setting up DNS records”. Can someone please help me with that?

My domain is (as well as, I guess).

Thanks for your time.

Hi @Mrya,

Welcome to the Netlify Support Forums and thanks for reaching out!

Reviewing your site’s Netlify DNS settings, I see that the NETLIFY Records have been removed. The quickest and easiest way to add them back is to remove the custom domains from here and then add them back in.

You may need to keep a record of your current settings, then remove the custom domains (by click on the Options button and selecting remove domain). After your Netlify Records have been restored you’ll add the previous other records.

Hi Melvin,

Thanks so much for the help! That did the trick.