Problems with Domain and email

Hi guys, first of all, many thanks for all your support.

I need to point my domain ( to Netlify servers so that I can host my webite here on Netlify. Also, I need to keep the e-mail management on the original host.
I’ve added a A record pointing to on original hosting and I’ve defined MX records and A record for (on netlify dns zone), however the e-mail seems that is not working. I can send e-mails but I can’t receive e-mails from other domains e-mail (eg: gmail).
Can you please help me? ATM my customers can’t reach me by e-mail.

Many thanks in advance.

@bloureiro It doesn’t matter what entries you have made on your Netlify DNS dashboard because you are using for your DNS. Try making your MX entries there, or switch to Netlify DNS.

Many thanks for your time guys :slight_smile:

It’s now fixed and it is now working…