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I have a hosting server from another company I changed my DNS adresses to Netfliy but I want to use my mail service with other company. So I create ticket for them they gave me some informations. I added some of them to Netfliy but I also couln’t find some.

Here the informations they provide me.

Mail(MX) Records ;
yourdomain (MX 1) --> mx-in04 [dot] natrohost [dot] com
yourdomain (MX 1000) --> mx-in04b [dot] natrohost [dot] com

Host(CNAME) Records

mail [dot] yourdomain --> mx-out04 [dot] natrohost [dot] com
autoconfig [dot] yourdomain --> autoconfig01 [dot] natrohost [dot] com
autodiscover [dot] yourdomain --> autodiscover01 [dot] natrohost [dot] com

Host(SRV) Records

_autodiscover [dot] _tcp [dot] yourdomain --> autodiscover01 [dot] natrohost [dot] com (Öncelik:10, Ağırlık:10 Port:443)

Here what I did in Netlify Dns panel.

Should I do anything else?

Hello @OrhanOzkercin, welcome to the Community!
Before anything else, I recommend that you check with your email provider to confirm if you have configured things correctly as they will know which records need to be set. That said, it looks like you are missing the CNAME and SRV records that you mentioned. Is there a reason you didn’t add those?

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Thank you very much, I didn’t have any information about dns things. I added everything properly, now everything is okey.