Dot5hosting mail not working after dns changes to netlify

Hello, I recently migrated my dns to netlify from dot5hosting for hosting a website.

My custom domain is

Everything is working well but the email associated with dot5hosting has stopped working.

I have put the Mx records in netlify and have waited the 48 hours but I am not able to receive email but I can send them.

Is there anything else that I might be missing?

Hi @Luis360

I don’t see any MX records for using Zoho Toolkit or dig

% dig +noall MX

; <<>> DiG 9.10.6 <<>> +noall MX
;; global options: +cmd

Can you share a screenshot of the domain configuration in Netlify?

I also see there are non-Netlify nameservers still configured

% dig NS	3573	IN	NS	3573	IN	NS	3573	IN	NS	3573	IN	NS	3573	IN	NS	3573	IN	NS

You need to remove the two ns? nameservers.

Hello @coelmay
Here is my netlify DNS setting

For removing the two nameservers. I just recently did that, so they should be removed in due time. But my DNS records for dot5hosting also have two ns records that I think are the same. Should they be removed as well?

You need to remove the records I have highlighted here

Also @Luis360 (I missed it in the last post) tie remaining MX record won’t work either as there is no DNS record for

You will need to change this record to the address as specified by your email hosting service. Depending on how the service operates, using external DNS may not work with their mail service.

If this is the case, I suggest looking at a service like Zoho.

Hi, @coelmay I removed the records that you highlighted. I went to go recheck dot5hosting documentation for the correct MX record, but I could not find it, so I talked with support, and they said to use

I then used the toolkit that you linked to check if it would get an MX record back, and it does, so I’ve changed it in netlify right now and will wait and see if it works.

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DNS Checker shows the MX record has mostly propagated. With luck, you should find email working now, or very soon.

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