Zoho & Dreamhost Mail not working after DNS updates in Netlify


I recently discovered Netlify and love it. I migrated my DNS to Netlify from Dreamhost for hosting and continuous deployment.

Since migrating, the email associated with Dreamhost stopped working. I am unable to receive emails.

I contact DreamHost’s customer support and they told me to update my MX records on Netlify. I’ve done that, and allowed for propagation.

I am still unable to receive email but I can send them.

Is this something on Netlify’s end other than MX records? If so, what can I do to fix it and start receiving emails

I moved to Zoho Mail since I don’t plan staying with Dreamhost much longer. Still having the same issue after adding Zoho Mail’s MX records to Netlify.

Ian Donahue


I actually use Zoho Mail with Netlify DNS and I’m experiencing zero issues. Have you completed all of the authentication methods within Zoho and checked using a tool such as MX Toolbox?

I’d also expect to see a DKIM, SPF and DMARC TXT record – these are the authentication types I was referring to. These can be provided from within the Zoho interface for you to add in to Netlify as follows:

Hey @Pie, I updated the DKIM and DMARC and it all worked! Thanks for the heads up

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