Updating DKIM records not working

I recently moved from my hosting service to Netlify. I, however, can send emails but cannot receive emails yet I’ve updated the DKIM and SPF records. What could be the issue? The netlify domain is lomanized.netlify.app for lomanized.com

Hey @Gikunjuu,

Could you confirm what you mean when you say it’s not working? I can see that those records exist in the UI as you say. When running: dig TXT default._domainkey.lomanized.com +short, I can also see the records being returned in the terminal.

What I mean is, are you seeing some error or is it just the email not being sent? Because if it’s the latter, I believe the email provider have a better answer as to why it’s not working.

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Hello there,
I can send emails but cannot receive emails. This is the error I’m receiving

DKIM is more useful and responsible when sending an email and not receiving it. So, when I checked further, the problem appears to be here:

Your MX record (the one that’s responsible for receiving the emails), is pointing back to your apex domain which cannot resolve emails. I believe you need to point it to your email service provider.

I’ve updated the MX record to no avail :frowning:

Hey @Gikunjuu

I see no MX records for lomanized.com. Can you provide a screenshot of what records you have created.

I do see dig TXT default._domainkey.lomanized.com returns 4 separate records. My understanding of DKIM is each record should have a value, not all default. One of those records appears to have escaped values i.e. "\"v=DKIM1; .... \"" which I believe possibly invalidates it.

Looking at the records you have I see some issues.

You need to remove the www.lomanized.com CNAME record.
Then whm.lomanized.com is not required.
mail.lomanized.com has CNAME record pointing to lomanized.com which won’t work as Netlify doesn’t provide mail services. The MX record should point to a mail provider like Zoho, Google, etc.
As such the mail.lomanized.com MX record won’t work either.

Who are you using as your mail provider?

See this support guide for more

The DKIM and SPF records are valid but I still cannot receive emails

See my previous post.

I’m using Roundcube as my mail provider

As best I know, Roundcube is not a mail provider, but web-based software for reading, sending, etc. mail.

Who did you register the domain lomanized.com through?

I registered it using https://www.namesilo.com/

Reading through the NameSilo support site, they seem to offer email forwarding (to an address like yourname@gmail.com) though also offer email hosting. If you have paid for hosting with them (not forwarding) you will need to enquire as to what MX records you need to use as I see no information in their support site.

If you were using the email forwarding, this likely will no longer work, though you can contact their support to clarify this and also enquire about the appropriate MX records.

Alternatively, you can look at a service such as Zoho that offers email with a free tier (or paid if you prefer.)

I now see you have configured two MX records pointing to xxxxx.prosites.com though.