How to update DNS Server


Currently, I have pointed the nameservers of my domain to Netlify, but ever since then my mailserver has stopped working. It turns out I have to change/add some DNS records at Netlify for this to work. The hosting server has provided me with the following information:                  TXT    v=spf1 +a +mx -all      SRV      SRV      SRV                 MX (10)            A               A                    A

However, I’m confused how to add the SRV and TXT records. Any help?


hi there @jcobwoo,

are you using Netlify DNS to manage DNS for your site or another DNS provider?

If the former, then you can enter the records here:[REPLACE WITH YOUR SITE NAME]/settings/domain

good luck!

I’m using Netlify DNS to manage the DNS for my site.

However, I’m confused on how to input the DNS for TXT and SRV. Any guides on that?

hi there @jcobwoo , from our docs:

I have added the DNS records suggested by the hosting server, and the mailserver still doesn’t seem to work. Could you check whether I have added the DNS records correctly?


Hi, @jcobwoo. All of the DNS records I find on your domain settings page are working when I test them.

What I cannot tell you is this:

  • What are the correct DNS settings for email service?

Only your email service can tell you that. As we are not the email service provider, we do not have this information.

However, once you tell us what records you want to create, we can provide the instructions to do so.

So, all your DNS records are working. Whether or not those are the correct records or not, that is best answered by the technical support for your email service.

Hello again,

I have received a reply from the email service provider. They said because our name server is pointing to, they cannot control our email. However, as far as I’m concerned, our name servers must be pointing to for our website to be working. Correct?

If so, is there an alternative solution without changing the name server pointing to


Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue?

Hey @jcobwoo

This is not the case. You can configure a custom domain using external DNS