Updating Netlify DNS Nameservers

I am trying to setup an email for an app I have on netlify: Netlify App
I have also registered through netlify and hooked up the domain name: e-pharmacy2u.com
However, after registering with an email host service provider, I was instructed to update the nameservers to point to two name servers I was provided with. When I tried to do that from my netlify domain name management dashboard, it was impossible to update the nameservers as they are not editable.
I looked through the forum and got two related post: How to update DNS Server
and this: [Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain?
But non of them worked for my issue.
I attached a screenshot of the instruction from my email host service provider.
Please help!

Hi @uejosh :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the Netlify support forums.

You need to update the DNS records for your domain to point to your email providers server. Follow the steps outlined here for your site to add your MX records: DNS records | Netlify Docs

Hi @SamO
I already got help from the email host service provider support and it is working now.
Thank you!

Oh that’s awesome! I’m glad you got it sorted.

I am glad too. Thanks! :clap: