Adding GoDaddy Email DNS to Netlify NEED HELP

*I don’t know where to find my Netlify site name. It’s not in a very obvious spot that I can see.

  • My custom domain is
  • I read the forum saying how to connect my email, but the places to enter DNS info for email doesn’t reflect the info supplied from GoDaddy. I’m being asked to enter information that Netlify doesn’t have the ability to do.

For example. I’m suppose to enter this info into CNAME on the DNS page :

Host Points to

[] (

Not only does this not make any sense to me, there’s no place on the Netlify DNS data entry popup that allows this info to even be entered.

Someone help me make it make sense!

Hey @keybo812

If your Netlify site URL was your site name is example.. When you select a site from the list, it is displayed at the top of the page, e.g.

Did you read [Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain?

Adding CNAME records won’t make your email work, you need to set up MX records, for example

To add these records navigate to the Domains section of the dashboard (<TEAM_SLUG>/dns), select the domain then the Add new record. First step is to then select the type of record

Here’s an example of adding the autodiscover CNAME record

If you have any further issues or questions, please do not hesitate to reply.