"Check DNS configuration" for primary domain

I need some help. I’ve changed the nameservers and the changes have propagated on the domain provider. But for some reason it still says “Check DNS configuration” on the primary domain.


How do I fix this?

hi there, could you pop a screenshot of your DNS settings? seems like something did not get set up correctly.

You might also see if there is something helpful in here:


The DNS settings should be standard I think. I can’t remember changing them.

All I did was change the nameservers with the domain provider to these:


Hi, @radiotryne. There is an old joke about, “It isn’t you. It’s me.” That joke applies here as there was a issue on the Netlify side of things and I have corrected that now.

So, it wasn’t you. It was us. :wink:

If it still isn’t working when you test or if there are other questions, please let us know.

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