My custom domain still mark by "Check DNS configuration" even I had point to the correct DNS already

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Hi. I got problem on my custom domain so the domain still not verify yet and mark as “Check DNS configuration”.

So this domain is on was route53 and I had point the domain setting to netlify dns already.

Any idea what is problem ?


@Nontachai Welcome to the Netlify community. When you say you “point” your domain to Netlify DNS, does that mean you made entries into the DNS settings at Route53? If so, you need instead to assign DNS to Netlify (assuming that’s what you want to do).

Hi, @Nontachai, I’m showing the domain is correctly using the external DNS instructions now.

However, the Netlify DNS zone still exists and it should not when using the external DNS instructions. Please delete the DNS zone here:

That should be all that is required.

There is one last recommendation though. The primary domain is the apex/bare/root domain. We recommend not making the apex/bare/root domain primary if the A record is being used for it. There is more about this here:

If there are other questions, please let us know.