Main domain DNS says "Check DNS configuration"

I have added new domain name for the

but only the www version is working, and not the main one. It says

Check DNS configuration

I am manage the DNS with netlify. Please give me some advice on how to resolve it.

Ok, I have manage to fix this issue.
For those who will experience the same, and haver manage the DNS with netlify. You can:

  1. go to the domain setting
  2. press the “Delete DNS zone” button
  3. add your domain to the netlify again (netlify will give you other nameservers, so you have to change them at your registrator)
  4. put me like for the help.

Hi, @brokeyourbike, and welcome to our Netlify community site. Thank you as well for sharing your solution for this issue.

The DNS configuration was already deleted and recreated, so I’m not able to see the previous configuration. Because of this, I’m not sure why the DNS configuration wasn’t working before.

Possible reason for this include:

  • old DNS records being cached
  • an error at Netlify (rare but possible)

Again, I’m glad to learn it is working now. If there are other questions, we’re happy to answer.