Netlify not Recognizing DNS Settings

It has been like this for 12 hours and netlify still shows the “Check DNS configuration” message. The changes have successfully been propagated by namecheap. My settings are correct

according to the netlify instructions

My website is down at:

however my blog hosted at namecheap is up at

I can only put two links per post so here is my default subdomain which works:

After working on the issue all day, it turns out it was an internal issue with namecheap. They had an internal issue with my domain name not being properly set up on their nameservers. After contacting support they were able to fix the issue. Hopefully reading this helps someone in the future!

Glad you were able to get to the bottom of the issue. One thing to try doing is a whois query like: whois | grep "Name Server" which should return the name servers currently configured for your domain. If it’s not the ones you have set most recently, I would recommend contacting your domain registrar. Hope this helps as well.