Check DNS Configuration

I have configured a custom DNS by the name - I have added the netlify nameservers to my netlify account, but the error message still pops up. I checked with the g-suite tools, and the domain does have the host records for netlify. But it still shows that DNS settings are invalid

  • If the domain was registered with Netlify and/or is using Netlify DNS, configuration is automatic. Visit the multiple domains page to learn about options for domain aliases, domain-level redirects, and branch subdomains.
  • If the domain was registered elsewhere, you can choose to use Netlify DNS for automatic configuration, branch subdomains, and automatic HTTPS on all subdomains via wildcard certificates. To get started, visit the doc about adding a domain to Netlify DNS.

Setting up Domain with Namecheap & Netlify

Hi, @shahenshah99, there was an error causing this which has been corrected now.

The www subdomain was working but not the apex domain. Both should be working at this time.

Would you please confirm if that domain name is working correctly now?

Hi Luke,
Yes, I just checked its working now, thanks for your help.

Mihir Shah