Cheaper tier for Analytics?

I’m a freelance developer from India. I have a small blog on a site I host on Netlify that I’d like some visibility on. Are there any plans for a cheaper tier? 25k pageviews for $9/mo or $90/yr is simply out of my budget, and of most Indians too. Perhaps something in the range of $3/mo or $30/yr for 7.5k-8.5k views? I do feel there’s an economic sweet spot for the non-US people using Netlify that goes unrecognized in most tech companies. Perhaps this could be useful for even smaller, indie blogs within the US.

Google Play store has regional pricing on many apps and games, which allows people like me to be able to afford paid tiers even when I’m not making my money in USD.


Hey @hirusi, we hear you and Google Play’s regional pricing does seem like a great idea. For now, though, our analytics tier starts at $9/month/site :frowning:

As an alternative, it is possible to use Google Analytics with Netilfy for high-level insights. There’s a section at the end of this article that explains how you would inject those scripts:

Thanks for the response, jen.

Unfortunately, the reason I wanted to use Netlify Analytics was to respect my visitor’s privacy. With that in mind, I had already ruled out Google Analytics. For the moment, I’ve chosen to try out Plausible.

In case anyone reads this in the future, I also have created a ticket on their community ideas for PPP pricing. :slight_smile: