Analytics Functionality / UI wishlist!

It would be great to be able to quickly see the monthly Build minutes consumed per site.
This would help to quickly identify which sites need to be optimised to reduce total Build minutes.


Hey Jinksi! That’s a really great question - we have an open feature request for this we are working on, as we understand this is a very realistic use case. Thanks for pointing it out!

I will post an update and follow up with you once we have a timeline for this! :muscle:

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With the new build time limits and billing, it would be great to have a costs / usage breakdown per site instead of per account to be able to charge clients accordingly without having to create new accounts for every client.

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are you thinking along the same lines as @Jinksi here? if yes, we have a feat request already!

(…i guess its time i pruned this thread a bit to make it easier to follow along…)


I remember reading a comment somewhere on the forums that this feature is being worked on; that post was from over six months ago. Are there any updates on this front? Can we expect this feature soon?

Netlify analytics has been really useful to me, especially as a comparative to google analytics. My google numbers are very low (averaging maybe 10 visitors a day), but my netlify stats are much higher: 30 visitors a day on average now, with peaks of 70 visitors when I post). The problem is, I don’t know how much I can trust any of this data.

On the one hand, google analytics clearly seems to be under-reporting (which makes sense, given the now prolific tracking blockers in the browser space), but this is partly because GA filters out bots. So the critical question is: how much of the netlify analytics traffic I’m seeing is genuine users and not bots? As it stands, server-side analytics are clearly more reliable than client-side, but the data is nearly meaningless without filters.

Especially paying $10 a month for what is currently a simple counter, a filtering feature would be nice. Please address asap, thanks.

Hi William and welcome to our Community!

The feature was indeed being worked on, and is mostly written. However, I have confirmed with our dev team that substantial work remains to make the feature production ready, and that work is not scheduled right now, so I cannot promise any timeline on delivery.

I’ll follow up in this thread (which will email you) when the situation changes.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you today.

Hey fool (lol, nice),

Thanks for the response. That’s unfortunate to hear, but what can one do (shrug).
I’ll probably cancel my analytics subscription until I get notice on that change, so do let me know!


Good feedback to help me advocate for shipping it sooner - thank you for being honest! Take care.

This one might already be on the radar as it’s a bit of an obvious request but it would be nice to have the option to have both countries and cities in the top locations view of analytics. 99% of my non-bot traffic is from The Netherlands so having just that country listed as a top location is not that insightful.