Builds: New chart on Insights page tracks build minutes used per day

We just added a new chart to your team’s Builds > Insights page! This new chart provides information about the build minutes your team has used per day.

We will load up to 60 days of historical data in this chart to help you gauge trends in your build minute usage. (While we’re on the topic, we’ve also documented some helpful tips on how to optimize your build time.)

Below the new chart, you’ll still have access to the Top sites chart, listing which sites in your team have accrued the most build time.

To visit the new chart, log in to the app, select the Builds tab, and then select Insights in the sidebar.

Check out the docs to learn more.

Please let us know what you think of the new chart! Your feedback will help our team continue to make more improvements. We look forward to adding more enhancements to this page in the future to help you know even more about your builds usage.


Impressive, but can You add bandwith used per day per site?

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Hi, and welcome to the Community!

Right now, you can find per-site bandwidth usage for up to 30 days in our Analytics product.

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Just found this today. What a great resource!


This is pretty useful! Thank you! :ok_hand:

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