As a Billing Admin I'd like to see a list of sites published on our CDN

I am not a developer working with the platform - I am the one who helps to pay the bills. So it would be really helpful, as a Billing Admin on the platform, to be able to view a READ-ONLY the list of sites on the CDN like you can when you are a full fledged developer on the platform.

I’d like to also be able to view the total bandwidth and build time amounts for the month - again since I help pay the bills I’d like to see what’s contributing to the invoices.

Hey there, @kporter :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out!

In terms of a READ-ONLY list, I can definitely share this feedback with our Product Team.

In terms of bandwidth and build time minutes, this information should be under the team overview tab in the Netlify UI.

I just pulled this from our Billing Docs: To monitor usage of metered features, you can find the current amount of Bandwidth used by your team as well as how much bandwidth is available. This data updates daily. You can also find the number of Build minutes used out of your team’s total monthly allotment, updated every hour. You will need to refresh your browser to load the updated Bandwidth used and Build minutes used data.

Are you looking for this information to be presented differently? If you could outline what you would like to see, versus what you are seeing, that would be tremendously helpful! This will help me pass on the appropriate feedback.

Thanks so much!

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Thanks for the response. I appreciate your consideration of my request for a read only list of sites.

Currently, as a Billing Admin, there is text overlaying the display of bandwidth and build minutes. Here is what I see in the UI:

I’m not sure why that text is there - we have sites deployed but as a Billing Admin I will not personally deploy anything. Is this a bug in the display, or is there something else I need to do to remove the “Once you have deployed site on your team…” message.


hey there Ken,

thanks for letting us know about that! doesn’t seem ideal, that’s for sure. i’ll run this by some folks and see if we can improve the UI a bit here.

I think :thinking: that the text occurs because your login isn’t associated with any deploys, and we’re not detecting things the way we should.

in the mean time, do you have the info you need or is there anything else we can help you with?


I have other members of my team that I can ask the info I need. If there is a UI bug and its corrected, then that will just make things easier.

Thanks for your response.



hey @kporter,

we have made some fixes to this UI - can you take a look and see if it looks better/more appropriate now? thanks!

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Hey @perry. Things look much better now. I can see the total consumption numbers now - Bandwidth and Build Numbers.

Thanks to you and the team for looking into this for me.


hey ken, thats great news. thanks for pointing this out to us! do let us know if you spot any other weirdness in the future.