Can't login via GitLab


I want to log in Netlify, Gitlab

No Auth Provider Found

Make sure you’ve configured the API credentials for Gitlab from the Access part of your Netlify site dashboard.

Edit : firefox, chrome, incognito mode


I’m also seeing this. I tried re-connecting my GItLab account…

But the window that opens never moves past this stage:

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I also can’t connect my GitLab account to my Netlify account. Any ideas?

Hi, @svend, @weotch, and @jonjahr. Thank you all for reporting this. We are aware of the issue now and there are people actively working to fix this as I write this.

We will post an update here soon with more information.

You can also track this on our status page now here:

Hi, @svend, @weotch, and @jonjahr. The issue should be fixed. Would you please test logging in again now?

Yeah, looks fixed to me, thanks for the quick resolution!

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