Cannot Access Netlify Sites

Good day.

I haven’t been able to access ANY website hosted by Netlify using my IP Address. It just shows “The site can’t be reached. ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”. However, the sites would load when I turn on my VPN, but I prefer it to be turned off as it slows down my internet speed. Is there any way to get my IP Address unblocked? Thank you.

Which of your sites is impacted?

All of my sites. I can’t even access without using VPN. I strongly believe this is an IP issue.

OK. While this typically represents a network or browser configuration problem on your side, I grant that it is possible that it’s something we are doing. It’s more likely it’s something to do with your browser, your network router, or ISP, than with us, just to set expectations. For instance, at least one ISP in the Philippines has blocked us for years: Every Netlify Site I Visit Can't Be Reached from the Philippines .

Please do try with no browser extensions or plugins before you do anything else, since that’s a pretty easy one to test and one we won’t have any insight into. If you can’t or won’t do this, trying with a different browser than you usually use may be a nice workaround.

Assuming that doesn’t work any differently (if it does, this is not a problem netlify can fix!), could you please let us know what IP address you connect from, so we can see if it is blocked on our side? There are good websites to show this, for instance - please include both ipv4 and ipv6 if they are set.

The ISP on the thread is PLDT, my ISP is Converge. I really can’t access sites with no browser extensions or plugins, it also produces the same outcome when I use a different browser. Please let me know how I could send you my IP address as I am relatively new to this.

You could send a private message to any of the staff members.