Cannot access account and would like to remove site

I have had a site hosted with Netlify for a while, and recently tried to log in to remove it.

Unfortunately I have forgotten the password for the account, and no longer have access to the email address to reset the password.

The same email address is also used for my old GitHub account, so I am unable to log in via GitHub (which I believe was the original way I created the account - by linking my GitHub one)

The site is still live, and I noticed on my bank statements that I have been billed for it recently. I have contacted my bank and made sure no further payments will be taken, however I would like to take the site down.

I have no way of accessing or recovering my account.

I submitted a support ticket, but received no reply.

I would either like to:

a) transfer the site over to my new account, so I can remove it myself, or replace it with my new one
b) delete the account and the hosted site, so I can simply set up a new one with my new account.

White site or account is this about?