Remove a lost site from netlify

Hi! Few months ago I develop a site called “ArttSabor” in other email. Put in on air and let it go. But I lost this email and now I want to remove this site from air.

My Github where the site was linked and has the original repository (private): TheReyzer (Rodrigo C. Jesus) · GitHub

I can prove that is mine because I just wrote the code and images, everything.

Hi @TheReyzer :wave:t6: , Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums :netliconfetti:

Can you try resetting your login information.

I don’t have more access to the email. Someone stole.

In that case, we cannot take any action. You can create another account and deploy a new site to that one.

i will make it private but is really sad hear that, my friend as the owner of AnimeKey and he say to me, that he ask to remove a site and you guys remove, i ask to shut down my own code and i cannot. dam