Unable to find my website


I probably need help by your actual support, but seems you have to pay to get help? So here goes I guess.

I’m launched a site called emmaviktor last year, and now I need to take it down, however I can’t find it on my account. Can you help? Thanks.


It exists on an account with email 9*v*k*y*@s*o*a.b*r*s.s* where * is a redacted character.

Hi, thanks! That is my school email which I don’t have access to anymore, so my mistake. Could you help me sort this out over email or if you have any private messages here? I can provide you with the full email they’re connected to.

We have the email it’s connected to can you clarify your request? We cannot remove a site on your behalf. Would you like me to mark your account associated with the email as Spam which would automatically take down your sites on that account?

Hi Sam and thanks for your reply.

Would it be possible to connect the account to this email? From what I can gather from my GitHub repo of Emmaviktor, I have access to it through this email as well.

Thanks again,


Den tis 18 juli 2023 18:19Sam [She/Her] via Netlify Support Forums <notifications@netlify.discoursemail.com> skrev:

Hey there! Are you unable to login using that email? If you are able to login, we can provide instructions on how to remove the site. If that is not possible, we can mark the account as spam to automatically take down the site. If you still want the site on Netlify and can’t log in to your old account, we can transfer it providing that you can prove ownership to the site.

Let us know what access you have and we can go from there! Thanks!


I’m pretty sure I created that account with the github account for my school email, which has been removed since then, because of them not wanting to host the email when we’re done with school.

I’m also pretty sure I connected these accounts some way on Github, since on my account for viktorpatorp@gmail.com, I have access and ownership of the Emmaviktor repository. If possible, could you help me transfer it?

Thanks again,


Hi, @haxxorsz. We cannot make any changes to that account (including transferring any sites) unless we get an email from the account owner’s email address authorizing that transfer. As you say you no longer have access to that email address, that doesn’t appear to be possible. However, there are still some other options here.

If there are questions about either option below, please let us know.

Option 1: Make a new site on a new account

You can make a new account and link that repo to a new site.

You won’t be able to reclaim the emmaviktor.netlify.app subdomain but you will be able to make a new site.

Option 2: Change the email address on file after logging in to Netlify using GitHub SSO

There is a GitHub account linked to this account’s login. Please note, the GitHub account is not the same account that is used for the repo for the emmaviktor site. That site’s repo is under a different GitHub account than the one used for login.

If you use the GitHub SSO to login to Netlify from the correct GitHub account, that will allow you to login to this account at Netlify. (I cannot tell you what account that is but if you tell me what account you think that is, I can confirm if that is the correct one or not.)

After logging in using GitHub SSO, you can then change the email address on file to a different email address here:

Also, once you have the email address and password login working, you can also change the GitHub account used for SSO on the same page linked to above.