Building/Development on Chrome OS


There is a post from a couple of years back re SSG/CMS on Chrome OS (SSG/CMS apps that will work on Chrome OS ).

I had considered trying to set up my Chromebook as a portable dev without putting it into “developer mode.” Setting up NPM and Netlify CLI was the easy part. Running ntl dev works the same as on the iMac I generally use, functions work, as does deployment (example.)

I also have the Get Started with Nuxt - Jamstack Explorers mission running locally.

I think this says something about Chrome OS/Chromebooks and tools like NPM. This is possibly another workaround for the inability to use Netlify Drop from Chrome OS (Netlify drop with supervised user on ChromeOS).

While I am unsure that many of the students around the world that use Chromebooks necessarily have access to the terminal, the possibility is there for them to learn.