What IS Netlify Dev?

In case you are wondering what Netlify Dev is all about - well, in short, it’s a development environment optimized for the JAMStack in your command line! Announced at JAMstack conf NYC and currently in open beta.

Let’s let @philhawksworth explain.


Hey! Netlify Dev looks pretty awesome! Just one thing I don’t understand… when you run netlify dev --live is the code running on your computer? Is it kind of ngrok on steroids?

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Yes, it’s a tunnel to your local dev server.


Howdy! Just trying the live feature out. I’m running a Jekyll install with the live reload option, however the js for it is running over http and not https. Could this be down to Jekyll or Netlify Dev?

probably netlify dev, we havent really done anything special to support https i think. there’s another issue on here asking the same, lets keep talking on that thread: