Support for HTTPS?

At the moment, I am developing locally on a HTTPS-certified domain that I generated with This way, I can locally test everything that requires a secure site, starting with the Geolocation API and Service Workers. Is there any plan for an HTTPS support in netlify dev?

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we’ll probably want to support it, yes. i dont know what the plan is at the moment, but its been raised by a few people. are you able to get around it in userland?

Without Netlify Dev, yes, I still use my elaborated jekyll serve:

JEKYLL_ENV=development jekyll serve --ssl-key ./boris.schapira.local+3-key.pem --ssl-cert ./boris.schapira.local+3.pem

with my custom cert.

With Netlify Dev, no, I don’t know how to make things work out.

Can you open an issue in That would help us track this issue better. I think making local TLS optional should not be complicated, but it requires some thoughts around propagating certificates correctly and ensuring that all the http endpoints use secure connections.

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Here you are, hope I’ve explained it clearly enough:

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